IGL Trials

IGL is undertaking and supporting a number of randomised controlled trials globally.

Research on the effect of anonymity on individual’s creativity in idea generation sessions is inconclusive: anonymous brainstorming techniques supposedly perform better since they preclude evaluation apprehension; non-anonymous brainstorming techniques supposedly perform better since they reduce

How do entrepreneurs connect with mentors online, and what strategies can help them find an appropriate mentor? What are the impacts of online mentoring on entrepreneurial performance?

Does access to specialised knowledge and expert advice at an early stage increase the probability of survival of a company for the next 3 years?

How do habits of perspective affect useful creativity? How do habits of perspective influence the relationship between different incentive types and useful creativity?

One way of stimulating R&D is to provide support for R&D collaborations.

Women are grossly underrepresented in entrepreneurship, and each year the opportunity to develop millions of jobs in new ventures, globally, is lost due to this gap.

Does a scientific approach to business experimentation affect startups' performance?  What is the effect of extending the use of a scientific approach on team validation?

Does the existence of a “business library”, which provides human capital training, physical capital and market linkages enable very small enterprises to innovate, flourish and grow? What combinations and intensities of services are necessary to maximise enterprise innovation and growth?

Does the participation in co-innovation training activities positively influence academic researchers’ and industry participants’ intentions to engage in university-industry co-innovation projects? How do intentions translate into direct engagement in university-industry co-innovation project


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