IGL Trials

IGL is undertaking and supporting a number of randomised controlled trials globally.

Motivated by the need to rethink the studies and the policies on academic entrepreneurship (Wright and Siegel, 2015), this project intends to assess the impact of scouting activities promoted by University Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) on the engagement of graduate students (including doctor

We plan to provide an RCT to assess the effect of online courses in Ecuadorian schools on intentions, career-related actions, and career choices to become an opportunity driven entrepreneur or choose a STEM type of education.

Entrepreneurial support programs have been implemented over the last decades to foster innovative entrepreneurs in developed and developing countries.

Youth unemployment is an increasing concern in developing countries, including Tanzania. Many governments and international organizations are encouraging self-employment through micro- and small-enterprise development as a solution.

Previous research has shown that large capital grants to businesses can have large positive impacts on firm growth. While the microcredit literature found that microloans had modest impacts on firm outcomes it's possible that the loans were too small to significantly impact business performance.

Research on the effect of anonymity on individual’s creativity in idea generation sessions is inconclusive: anonymous brainstorming techniques supposedly perform better since they preclude evaluation apprehension; non-anonymous brainstorming techniques supposedly perform better since they reduce

How do entrepreneurs connect with mentors online, and what strategies can help them find an appropriate mentor? What are the impacts of online mentoring on entrepreneurial performance?

Does access to specialised knowledge and expert advice at an early stage increase the probability of survival of a company for the next 3 years?


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