Subrat Rout

Subrat Rout is a PhD in Virology from University of Maryland with 12 years of experience in biomedical research and regulatory science. From 2011-2013, Subrat was a Commissioner’s Fellow at the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) where he worked on assay development for enteric viruses causing food borne illness.

Prior to that, Subrat was a Post-Doctoral Fellow at SRI International where his work involved small molecule screening for potential targets against Dengue virus. During his career he has published several research manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals and has presented at prestigious scientific conferences.  Subrat is also experienced in designing and conducting randomised controlled studies (RCT) for clinical trials of new drugs, including patient enrolment and data collection as per federal safety regulations. In addition to research, Subrat is also an avid learner and his current interests include entrepreneurship and web programming using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Ruby on Rails.

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