Corporate Nudging & Intrapreneurship

Can subtle non-monetary nudges be used to influence intrapreneurial behaviour in a large corporation?

Intrapreneurship, or bottom-up entrepreneurial activities by employees from existing firms, can be an important source of innovation and organisational growth. Management of intrapreneurship, however, is highly complex as it is typically considered discretionary behaviour and is generally not formalised in job descriptions. Innovation competitions is one way to stimulate this type of behaviour within firms

Working with a large multinational, this RCT will explore subtle, non-monetary cues to encourage this intrapreneurial behaviour using such an innovation competition. 722 employees will be divided into three treatment groups and one control group. Groups will be treated with different opt-in versus opt-out style invitations to the contest as well as application of ‘peer-effects’ for some groups, using a flyer with examples of successful intrapreneurs from previous company contests.

Using a combination of experimental and survey data, as well as qualitative data from interviews, managerial evaluations and HR data, the effects of the different nudges on the number and quality of the intrapreneurial activities, from idea generation to market phase, will be analysed.