Innovation Vouchers

The policy measure aims at an increased R&D and innovation capabilities of SMEs by fostering collaboration with public research institutions and RTOs, improving knowledge transfer and by strengthening quality and relevance of public R&D. The Innovation Voucher has been introduced to inspire SMEs to utilise the opportunities and potential of knowledge institutions. At the same time, the Innovation Voucher Scheme is expected to enhance the awareness at knowledge institutions of the need for knowledge and thus secure the quality and societal relevance of public research. The scheme is open for projects within all scientific fields and the administrative structure of the scheme is designed in a manner to reduce bureaucratic measures as much as possible for the project participants. The Council of Technology and Innovation is responsible for the scheme and has decided that state co-funding is channelled directly from the Danish Agency of Science, Technology and Innovation to the research or technological partners of the projects, relieving the SME from the burden of invoicing its project partner.